The beat goes on for ex-hippie Lee

Wed, 22 Apr 2009 13:39:11 -0700


Being a Suffolk pensioner doesn't stop you collaborating with an
urban hip-hop artist nearly a third your age, though it's certainly
more unusual than carpet-bowls and afternoon tea-dances. But, then,
Lee Harris's life has always run counter to the norm. He tells Steven
Russell about meeting Nelson Mandela and John Lennon and those
idealistic days of the 1960s

Lee Harris

Lee Harris

LEE Harris slides a copy of his new CD across the kitchen table: the fruit of his alliance with the West London producer and rap poet River Styx. The album is billed as a mesmerising journey of psychedelic soundscapes. Lee - ex-beatnik, former hippie and adopted son of Suffolk - can't quite get over his involvement with the 21st Century scene and the technological magic that goers hand-in-glove with modern music-making: the de rigueur MySpace site and a two-hour internet broadcast, say. READ FULL ARTICLE:

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