Interview excerpts #1- Lee Harris & River Styx

Interview by Rachael Myer

Lee Harris & River Styx

Lee Harris & River Styx

How would you describe angel headed Hip Hop?

River Styx

It’s a fusion of various elements.

Lee Harris

It has elements from the street, homage to the beat generation and the counter culture.

Describe some of your influences?


Well, I listened to Martin Luther King speak in the early sixties in London and I met Nelson Mandela as a boy in South Africa. So ive been inspired by many events and many people throughout the years.

River Styx

The Pixies, Radiohead, Bjork, MF Doom, Madlib, Charlie Parker, Bob Dylan.



What do mean when you say Spontaneous mind?



Well it came from Jack Kerouac one of the classic writer of the beat generation

And wrote the classic book ‘On the Road and he spoke about spontaneous bop prosity and he was very influence by Bebop, the early music in the forties, he used to write on scrolls and just type out what came into his head, it was stream of consciousness, its what a lot of rappers do today, its “freestyle”.

What are you doing next?

River Styx

Im working on my album now,  its a new direction, Ive been writing since december [2009] and I’m  recording with guitarist Paul Bangash,


More information about the album “Lee Harris meets River Styx – Angel Headed Hip Hop” – go to:

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